Cosmetics, color cosmetics and makeup third party manufacturing

Natural Solter is a third party cosmetics, color cosmetics and makeup manufacturing laboratory in Spain.

Manufacturing to third parties

At Natural Solter we adapt to our client needs. We advise on product type, ingredients and their properties and packaging, for the creation of your product portfolio and brand.

Our team will guide and take you through the different phases of your project: formulation, manufacturing, packaging, conditioning, regulatory affairs and logistics.

Two women chatting sitting at a table with lipstick and makeup.
Cosmetic containers with green herbal leaves and scientific glassware, R&D in cosmetics products

White label

We have a portfolio of products ready to customize with the brand of our clients.

Request our white label product catalogs here.

Research & Development and Formulation

Our laboratory and technical teams our specialized professionals in the areas of chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetics, who specialize in researching new raw materials and developing new formulas on an ongoing basis. With more than 40 years of accumulated experience, our formulators can advise on new product development, the use of active agents and ingredients, the manufacture of different textures and formats, including conventional, natural, bio, eco and organic cosmetics, color cosmetics and makeup.

Together with our clients, we formulate innovative cosmetics and makeup products, both conventional, natural, bio, organic and/or ecological, on a daily basis. We work with the most reputable certifying agencies for natural or organic certified products.

Manufacturing, Filling and Conditioning

Our team has 40+ years of accumulated experience in the manufacturing of cosmetics and makeup products. Our facilities encompass multiple reactors of different capacities as well as filling machines, which allow us flexibility to manufacture a broad array of volumes and textures. We leverage on our Quality Assurance team to guarantee the highest quality in our processes, taking maximum care of current regulations.

Regulatory Affairs

Our Regulatory team ensures regulatory compliance as well as keeping up to date with the regulatory framework for all the products we manufacture, always complying with Good Manufacturing Practices. We cover legal advice, PIF, security dossier and CPNP. We also handhold our clients in the preparation of different types of studies.


Inventory Management and extensive expertise in the delivery of packaged cosmetic products, with shipments to Spain, Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.