R&D Cosmetic Manufacture

The R&D Cosmetic Manufacturing  Department is responsible for developing new products while constantly updating the database with raw materials and market innovations. It does this by making a comprehensive search of sector publications to find new raw materials that will improve the quality of Natural Solter products. As a result of this work, it has developed a comprehensive range of  certified cosmetics, and Natural Solter Laboratories is a full member of the  BDIH, which is the abbreviation for  “Bundesverband Deutscher Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen für Arzneimittel, Reformwaren, Nahrungergänzungsmittel und Körperflegemitell” ” in recognition of this research and development work.

The  BDIH is a German institution based in Mannheim, created in 1951, which has become the most prestigious product quality certification body, in our case for   natural cosmetic products.

Ecological cosmetic laboratory

As an ecological cosmetics laboratory we guarantee that our ecological cosmetics are formulated using ingredients grown with biological methods and we do not use synthetic chemical preservatives. Our ecological ingredients are of the highest quality.

Natural Solter Manufacturer

Natural Solter has several technical departments, which rigorously control our cosmetic manufacturing processes.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Cosmetic sales

Sales of natural cosmetics to third parties in Spain and Europe.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Product research and development

with a certified line of natural cosmetics

Cosmetic manufacturers

Quality control

of raw cosmetic materials according to European standards.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Cosmetics monitoring plan

Cosmetics monitoring plan that monitors expiry dates.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Cosmetic manufacturer

Production of the laboratory in clean rooms.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Product distribution

Responsible for distributing and exporting cosmetic ranges.