Natural cosmetologic laboratory production

The Production Department at the cosmetology laboratory is responsible for manufacturing all Natural Solter's  cosmetic products , which are creams, emulsions, pomades, gels, oils, clays, soaps, etc.

The production department comprises specialised technicians who are constantly trained and brought up to date with in-house and external training courses. The department is permanently supervised by the other technical departments to prevent any anomalies from occurring during the complex production processes.

Natural Solter Manufacturer

Natural Solter has several technical departments, which rigorously control our cosmetic manufacturing processes.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Cosmetic sales

Sales of natural cosmetics to third parties in Spain and Europe.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Product research and development

with a certified line of natural cosmetics

Cosmetic manufacturers

Quality control

of raw cosmetic materials according to European standards.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Cosmetics monitoring plan

Cosmetics monitoring plan that monitors expiry dates.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Cosmetic manufacturer

Production of the laboratory in clean rooms.

Cosmetic manufacturers

Product distribution

Responsible for distributing and exporting cosmetic ranges.

Cosmetic manufacturers production