Makeup products

At Natural Solter, we are specialists in natural, conventional, eco, bio and organic makeup manufacturing.

Natural Makeup

At Natural Solter we specialize and have pioneered the manufacturing of complete ranges of natural makeup and color cosmetics.

We use natural pigments and minerals. No synthetic chemicals are used.

We can create makeup with a high percentage of natural components, according to the needs of our customers.

We manufacture products that can be certified as NATURAL by the most reputable certifiers in Europe.

Five makeup powder tablets in reddish tones.
Three different red lipsticks with samples.

Bio, ecological or organic makeup

We use ingredients that come from ecological, bio or organic crops and processes for the manufacture of eco, bio or organic makeup.

We manufacture makeup certifiable as BIO, ECO OR ORGANIC, by the most reputable certifiers in Europe.

We use a wide variety of natural pigments and minerals to achieve the most appealing natural color cosmetics.

Conventional makeup

At Natural Solter we formulate and manufacture makeup and color cosmetic products necessary for a complete makeup portfolio.

We manufacture customized products and colors, according to the needs of our customers.

Four samples of colored powders.

Makeup products and formats

Manufacture of natural, conventional, Bio, ecological and organic makeup products.


Manufacturing of lipsticks of various colors as well as lipsticks with sun protection

Loose powders

Manufacturing of loose powders

Compact powders

Manufacturing of foundation compact powder

Makeup or liquid foundations

Manufacturing of makeup and liquid foundations with sun protection, BB Cream, CC Cream

Loose powder blushes

Manufacturing of blush in loose powder format with customized shades

Compact powder blushes

Manufacturing of blush in compact powder format with customized shades


Manufacturing of concealers for dark circles and imperfections with customized colors, liquid concealers, solid concealers


Manufacturing of highlighters in a wide variety of shades and formats

Eye shadows

Manufacturing of eyeshadows in wide array of shades and formats


Manufacturing of mascaras, in different shades, textures and packaging


Manufacturing of liquid eyeliners in different shades


Manufacturing of bronzers in different shades